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Escort Girls Perth – 3 Blow-Job Positions That Will Change What You Think About Oral Sex

There are definitely a lot of reasons why guys love getting a blowjob, and of course there are lots of compelling reasons for ladies to never ever give a blow job again too!  But even if you enjoy getting them, it should never feel like an actual job, especially for the ladies. Here’s a look more »

Escort Girls Perth – Voyeurism And Exhibitionism: Only In The Bedroom

Have you caught your partner watching you while you were wanking yourself? The very act itself is highly erotic it’s small wonder that both males and females alike do enjoy watching other people get it on, in secret! If the person you’re watching doing some sensual pleasuring on her body is one of those seductive more »

Escort Girls Perth – Dental Dams: Things You May Not Heard Of Before

It would seem lately that dental dams are getting tremendous attention, not only around the world of dentistry but also inside bedrooms. People say they’re the most misunderstood prophylactic or better yet, contraceptive! If you’re naïve about these stuff, better ask one of the seasoned Escort Girls Perth and she’d likely oblige herself to tell more »

Escort Girls Perth – New Research Reveals That Sexual Activity Before Sports Is Actually Good for Athletes

If you’re an athlete, or just a weekend warrior, and you still believe in that idea that sex before sports is bad for athletes, perhaps you should take a cue from today’s sex researchers, and not from the likes of legendary Muhammad Ali (no pun intended!). According to sports historians, Ali refused to have sex more »

Escort Girls Perth – Reward Yourself With A Hot Bedroom Escape

Want to reward yourself for working hard the whole year? Well, it’s the holidays. Why not gift yourself with a piping hot bedroom escape? You deserve all the bliss and what better way to experience it than to have one of those luscious Escort Girls Perth by your side! She took everything off and stood more »

Escort Girls Perth – 4 Famous Showbiz Personalities Who Had Their Private Photos Or Videos Leaked To The Public

Perhaps you’ve ran across a news article, or even a video posted online. Which showed famous celebrities and even politicians in the nude, or in action in bed! Well, well, well, I guess no one’s surprised anymore about seeing a celebrity sex tape today, because the surfacing of sex tapes has become so common, and more »

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