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Escort Girls Perth – Dental Dams: Things You May Not Heard Of Before

It would seem lately that dental dams are getting tremendous attention, not only around the world of dentistry but also inside bedrooms. People say they’re the most misunderstood prophylactic or better yet, contraceptive! If you’re naïve about these stuff, better ask one of the seasoned Escort Girls Perth and she’d likely oblige herself to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about rubber barriers.

How Much Do you Know About Them?  This rectangular latex sheet was originally created to protect the mouth as the dentist does his work on an isolated tooth. The thick, flexible pieces make dental work easy as saliva don’t get mixed up with the rest of the mouth. But for sexual protection, this lowly stuff was made thinner so as to allow for heightened sensation during oral sex and vagina-to-anus contact or vice versa. For all intentions, dental dams are for your own protection, and with that, you can practically lick anything and everywhere.

Dental Dams Protect You From What?

Of course, you have to use one correctly so you can get protection from the proliferation of sexually transmitted infections. With an exchange of bodily fluids through oral and/or anal intercourse, it’s so easy to get infected from the very same viruses and bacteria that condoms protect you from. These are the ones that give you herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, hepa A and B, not to mention the most dreaded of all – HIV/AIDS!

Sex therapists affirm that a dental dam also known as rubber dam, can provide you with complete barrier protection against harmful microbes that could spread easily if you’re into cunnilingus and/or anilingus. So, now that you know, would you ever dare use such thing?

Are Sexually-active Couples Using Rubber Barriers?

Research shows that only less than 10% of females use them and sadly, a mere fraction of them use the thing on a regular basis. If only people know what their main purpose is, then perhaps, there would be a lesser number of people around the world getting infected through oral transmission.

However, one hassle in its use is that you have to hold it in place by your hands and be cautious that you don’t flip it over. This is to prevent direct contact with any fluid from your sex mate. Finally, one thing that a dental dam can’t protect you from is body lice! Yes, it’s only effective with skin-to-skin contact or any act that involves exchange of bodily fluids.

Getting down and dirty on any of the sultry Escort Girls Perth is pretty euphoric but be sure you’ve got protection at all times. Better use rubber dams if you’re unsure of your partner’s STD status. Stay safe always!



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